Coding and Computational Thinking In Schools

Teacher Editorial | By Steven Montgomery (BOLT student)

Coding or computer programming in schools is becoming a big push in schools around the world. Political leaders have been looking at statistics and realised that technology fields will employ a growing number of citizens in the future.

Future Employment

“The US Department of Labor projects that one million jobs in computing will go unfilled by 2020. These are good jobs, jobs that would allow economic mobility and great earning potential over the course of a career. We know why these positions aren’t being filled—a lack of skilled candidates.” (Harel 2016)


During a visit to Google’s new Canadian operation in Waterloo, Ont., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged, “We need to do a lot better job of getting young people to understand what coding is and how it’s important.” (Silcoff 2016)

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BlendED Symposium 2016: Evaluating K-12 Digital Tools

Teacher Editorial | By Joy Trick (BOLT student)


The second annual blendED Symposium was held in Edmonton, Alberta on October 23-25, 2016. I attended this conference for these two days and where possible I have provided links to either the presentation or session notes (made by those in attendance at each session). My apologies in advance to anyone whose session has not been mentioned as this in no way makes your contribution less meaningful. The following is a summary of “my take” on the symposium based on the sessions I attended and also comments from other delegates gleamed through sharing and networking during the three day event. My apologies also if I have “overlinked”. My goal was to make access to the presentations and resources as simple as possible so that you are able to pick and choose as you so need or desire.

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