Openness and the Open Mindset in Learning

This deeper look at the concepts and principles of openness and the open mindset asks what it means to be truly open, to practice as an open educator, and to foster a mindset of openness in ourselves and in our classrooms, with reflections by a number of key researchers and practitioners in open education.

Contributors: Michael Canuel, Beatriz de los Arcos, Royce Kimmons, Randy LaBonte, Rory McGreal, David Porter

Creative Commons License
Openness and the Open Mindset in Learning- Multiplying OER Impact: Building In-service Teacher OER Capacity for Graduate Credit ABOER by Dr Connie Blomgren, PhD & Verena Roberts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Yikes, I Need to Teach Online

Teacher Editorial | By Lise Pethybridge (BOLT student)

How do we hook and keep students motivated in online programs?


You are a middle school teacher who has been hired to work at an online school. You love technology, you love using it with your students, and you feel that this new teaching environment will allow you to use your expertise and teaching strategies to serve students. However you still have so many questions.

How will you know your students and know that they are ready to learn? How will you interact with your students, how will they interact with each other and how will they know you are present and available to help? How will you motivate them to participate and complete their courses? Continue reading “Yikes, I Need to Teach Online”