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Are you interested to write a post for the BOLT blog? If so…please read on!

Hints for blogging success:

Select a topic that relates to the broad and varied world of blended and online learning and teaching in K-12 education. Then, write a blog post of 1000 – 1500 words explicating this topic. (You may integrate several topics if you desire). To help your writing process, use the blog post template and these 10 Steps to create a blog that has a clear premise and a thoughtful discussion of this premise. In the template, the author suggests using a problem and solution(s) approach, but this may not apply to the topic you decide to explore. You may use the first person; and examples from your own teaching experiences may strengthen the development of your premise. The intended audience would be other K-12 blended and online educators – wherever they may be located.

You may include some or all of the following:

  • brief description of the situation in general terms

  • summary of the strengths

  • summary of improvements needed

  • why this topic matters and in what manner

  • how this topic has affected your professional understanding of teaching

  • what this topic means for K-12 blended or online learners

  • recommendations of how to apply the findings within a K-12 blended or online context

  • hyperlinks to other sources that relate to the points that you are making visuals (licensed through Creative Commons)

Make sure you include:

  • a catchy title

  • a brief description of the reviewer’s credentials ( written in the third person)

  • contact information if you want to share this with BOLT blog readers

  • use subtitles to help organize your review and reduce the word count

  • use APA citation style if you are using educational research to support your thoughts; if you need assistance with APA citation, please contact the blog administrator

When finished writing your blog:

  • Submit the finished piece to the blog administrator.

  • Wait for your contribution to the multi-authored blog to be processed by the blog administrator.

  • Share the link with colleagues so they can read your post.